Aqua Vitae Round Off Base Shot Glasses - 1.69 oz - Set of 8

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When we say the Aqua Vitae Collection of Shot Glasses is a little different, we’re not just talking about its unique, hand crafted, offset base. Of course, there’s no doubt it is unique and will obviously wow anyone who receives it. But it’s the things you can’t see that also make this artisan set stand out. Things like: how it feels in your hand, how satisfying it is to sip from, it’s durability, and how versatile it is, from Tequila to Fine Liquor. Nothing says “lets party” like a set of crystal shot glasses. But listen, because not all barware is durable enough for a “bottoms up” toast! This round glass has a 6oz heft and crafted from Lead-Free Crystal, mineralized for durability, and is 1.5 inches wide. So go ahead, and slam it down after your shot if that’s your thing, it’s strong enough! And because we used this particular polished crystal, you’ll enjoy the diamond shine. Spirits dance under lights while liquors display their true colors and mood.

Lead-Free Crystal