Callen Pilsner Beer Glasses - 15.5 oz - Set of 8

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Treat yourself and your mates, to a cold brew in a glass that feels like time before social distancing! With its classic hourglass “pilsner” shape and a slimline 2.75” grip this is the kind of glass you find in bars. Remember a time when you enjoyed your beer poured straight from the tap with this Set of 8, Callen 15.5 oz Beer Glasses. Nothing says “cheers” like the end of a hard day and a drink with mates. But listen, because not all barware is durable enough for an almighty clink! Each Callen glass is 1.75oz and crafted from Solid Glass mineralized for durability, and the rim is 3mm thick! So enjoy a hearty toast! And, because we used this particular polished glass, you’ll enjoy a bubble-less, imperfection-free finish. Pales and Blondes display their light hues. Ales show off their toffee tones and stouts brim with chocolate palettes.