Infiniti Crystal Beverage Pitcher - 43 oz

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The Infiniti Collection water pitcher is a must have for every modern kitchen or bar, being a practical and elegant way of serving your favorite beverages. Whether you're in the mood for something refreshing and cold or you want to share a glass of sangria with your friends and loved ones, this glass pitcher is the perfect serving accessory. Unlike similar products on the market, this tea pitcher comes with a practical design which includes a non-drip mouth, preventing spilling accidents. Use it daily for both hot and cold beverages. The Infiniti Collection glass water pitcher has an exquisite design, enjoying an ultra-elegant geometric base and perfect crystal clarity. Made from premium quality, authentic crystal glassware, preserving its clarity and brilliance throughout the years. The pitcher is entirely dishwasher safe and contains no lead, allowing for no flavor transfer.

Lead-Free Crystal