Lancia Crystal Wine Decanter - 40 oz

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Our decanters, made specially for our red wine lovers, are shaped to maximize aeration allowing for the wine's hidden flavors to be emphasized. Designed with a modern touch, these decanters add chic style to the tables they adorn. At JoyJolt, we manufacture our decanters with top quality, 100% lead free crystal glass. We use this glass for it's toxic free benefits to give only the best quality materials for our customers. Along with the health precaution, the lead free crystal is also far more durable than most other materials, withstanding scratches and dishwashers. As is our standard, our decanters are laid and packed carefully into secure yet beautiful boxes. This beautiful LANCIA decanters were created to optimize aeration for the wine they hold. With a wide base, the decanter creates a maximum air to wine ratio allowing for all the normally hidden flavors of the wine to be highlighted at a much quicker rate. The sharp modern cut design gives the decanter subtle sophistication and recognizable class and our lead free crystal glass materials go above and beyond conventional quality standards. The LIANCIA is the ultimate decanter to showcase and enjoy wine with full bodied flavors and intoxicatingly enjoyable aromas.

Lead-Free Crystal