Milo Crystal Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses - 9.4 oz - Set of 16

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There’s nothing more charming than sipping your favorite fizz from glass that nestles comfortably in your hand, with a balanced feel, not to mention a balanced bouquet. But when it comes to stemless glasses, we often have to battle with a clumsy hard-to-grip tumbler, or slim glasses with a wobbly base and glass that could crack if you place it wrong. But not now - because the Milo Set of 16 Glasses is where function and form ‘fizz’ perfectly. Nothing says “cheers” like a cork pop and the clink of crystal flutes . But listen, because not all barware is durable enough for a celebration! Each Milo glass is 0.6oz and crafted from Lead-Free Crystal, mineralized for durability, and the rim is 2mm thick! So go ahead and enjoy a fancy toast! And, because we used this particular polished crystal, you’ll enjoy the bubble-less, diamond shine. Champagne’s display their golden tones, Rose’s blush, and Mimosa’s burst into a sparkling display of orange joy!

Lead-Free Crystal